Gold vs Bronze

Most fishermen believe gold jig hooks are stronger than bronze or visa-versa. I’ve heard the same pros and cons for each finish, no matter what brand name.

Now let me tell you how most companies build their crappie jig hooks

Company X knows they have to have 500,000 each of gold and bronze hooks. These hooks all start from the same spool of wire going through the hook machine. The eye is formed first, then the shape (aberdeen, o’shaughnessy, etc.). The point is last to be made. They produce all 1,000,000 hooks at the same time. The next step is the tempering process. The manufacturers try to temper them as close as they can to the same hardness. Then they move on down the line where the hooks are plated. 5000,000 are plated bronze, and 500,000 are plated gold. The plating is the last step before the hooks are boxed for shipment.

It’s the tempering process that makes the difference in strength, not the plating. Tempering 1,000,000 hooks exactly the same is impossible, or at least, cost prohibitive.

So pick the color of jig hook because you have the confidence that’s what produces best for you.

Capt. Hook

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