Terminologies vs Registered Trade Names

All the fishhook manufacturers have registered trade names. For example, Wright & McGill Co. has EAGLE CLAW, KAHLE, SEA GUARD, etc. These trade names include different finishes, but the one that is most confusing is registered style names. Registered style trade names become terminologies that really pertain to that particular brand.

For example, the Wright & McGill Co., manufacturer of Eagle Claw hooks, has the kahle name trade marked. Along comes Mustad who’s making their version of the same style, called a wide gap hook. To really confuse the issue, Wright & McGill has a totally different hook they call a wide gap. To add fuel to the fire, about 10 years ago the new flippin’ jig hook came out and everyone called them a wide gap. Now we have worm hooks and treble hooks called wide gap and extra wide gap.

We now have a company with the blood red treble hooks. Most consumers believe this to be a new product on the market. They have been around for more than a dozen years. I recall using my first red hook in 1990 on a strawberry kiwi worm. I also had the red trebles I used on small crank baits.

Because these trade names add a degree of difficulty when ordering different brands of the same style, I recommend you know the style number of the hooks you need to insure you get what you want. It will make things easier for all concerned and will probably save you money.

Capt. Hook

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